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This is probably my favourite of the Beatrix Potter characters.  This example is beautifully made and of course by Steiff.  He is item number 354786 which can clearly be seen on his ear label. Of course, he still retains the Steiff button in his ear.  He is made from fine Alpaca and other than one little bald patch on his upper left leg(smaller than a UK New Penny), I can see no other loss or thinning.  He measures about 9/9.5  inches tall to the tips of his ears.



As you can see, Benjamin Bunny is dressed in his smart brown coat with gold buttons and little pocket flaps to both sides.  He is carrying a vegetable in his left haad, ready to give to his Auntie.  Most of all I love his shoes.  They are little works of art.  Leather soles and leather uppers, with metal toe protectors, studs and buckles.  They can be removed from his little feet.  The only think missing is his floppy hat.  I prefer him as he is as it shows his ears and face - but obviously the hat which is a simple design could easily be made and added if the buyer wished to do so.  I believe he dates from early 2008.  He is jointed at his neck, shoulders and hips.  He is absolutely gorgeous - Steiff really did excel with the production of Benjamin Bunny,  and he would look great with old bears or dolls as a little friend.  Steiff Benjamin Bunny toys are not easy to find - so please contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom or side of this page if you have any queries or wish to buy him. 

 Steiff Benjamin Bunny is priced at   ₤95