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Here we have really lovely  Kestner Twins!  These two baby dolls have very interesting provenance having belonged to two sisters.  I have their complete history.  If you are interested in buying, do please Contact me by using the Contact Us link on the left hand edge of this page or it is also on the bottom of the page.   They look wonderful just sitting together in a display, or alternatively as they are tiny they are the perfect size for larger dolls or bears to hold. 





The clothes are all hand made from fine wool and are elaborate and so lovely.  Consisting of little woollen pants, bootees, a dress, collared cape and a gorgeous bonnet.  One has a blue silk sash and bow around his waist and the other a pink silk sash and bow around her waist.  As one would expect, over the years as the outfits are natural wool there have been darns to the outfits and there is age discolouration to the wool - but they are still just so charming.  The dolls are five piece bent limb all bisque Kestner baby Dolls.  I think the Kestner fine quality is apparent even in my photos and very obvious when the dolls are "in the hand".  Beautifully painted with red line above each eye, closed mouth and moulded and painted blond hair.  They are as good examples of their type as you would hope to find.  Each measures about 4.5 inches.   The bisque on the girl is perfect, but there is damage to one leg of the boy.  Thus the difference in the price if purchased separately.  I can forward images of the damage if required.  I would very much like these dolls to stay together, but will reluctantly consider selling separately if one of my collectors just wants one.  Isnt` it just wonderful to find an original pair and with provenance.

The buyer will love them - they are absolute darlings.

may be able offer layaway if required.  Do ask if you require further information. 

The Kestner Twins are SOLD