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Here we have a really lovely and rare to find W S & K doll - In my very long years of collecting and selling this is one of only two of this make of doll I have ever seen - and the only one I have ever offered for sale.  Whilst the head was made by Simon and Halbig for WSK it is very different from any others they produced - she has a unique look, quite stunning.   The manner of her eyebrow painting is amazing and gives her that quizical look.   She has been in one collection for the last 40 or so years and is now fresh back onto the market.  She dates from the earlier years of the 20th Century, but she has a very interesting history.  Her original owner received the doll as a present from her father. He was stationed in Germany at the end of WW1 and bought the doll (and a smaller doll) from a toyshop to take home for his daughter.  Her manufacturer would predate her purchase date, but obviously she would have been stored sometime in the toyshop prior to her sale.  The doll remained in the family, and has only had two further owners since.  She has always been treasured even more because of her history.  I did have it once before about a year ago to offer for sale, but the owner decided she could not part with her after all - but the time is now right for her to find another special home.  The current owner wants to find a loving home for this doll so has asked me to offer her at several hundred pounds below her retail value - so please bear this in mind, she is offered at a very special price.   She has a lovely real hair wig with a velvet band,  Pierced ears and earrings, open mouth showing teeth and sleep brown eyes.  She measures about 26 inches.


Her original body is in good condition with just some playwear.  The original varnish coating her body and limbs has darkened over the years.  All perfectly natural with the passing of time.  She wears a little bangle which is very probably original to her.  It has broken at some point in her long life and is sellotaped, however it still looks lovely on her wrist and I am so glad it has been preserved.  Her head is perfect with no cracks or restoration of course.  She has antique underwear and a fine whitework dress.  She wears little quited shoes. 


This lovely WSK is at the very special price of 595.