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I have here for my customers, a beautiful and tiny Victorian glazed china doll (with the desirable pale pink tint) in her Walnut Bed.  This is such a sweet example.  It is always impossible to know whether the doll is totally complete, as they are sewn in place in their beds - but it is likely that she is a complete little glazed china girl.  Her bed is beautifully constructed from a walnut shell.  The two pieces of the shell are wired together at the rear to enable it to be opened and displayed so that the little doll can be seen.  She is a pretty example, nicely moulded and painted - with arms that she holds out in front of her.




The little doll`s dress extends as bedding to the front in green silk and there are cream silk drapes forming the top of her bed in the shell.  It is amazing that she has survived so well, with just one small piece out of the lower front of the walnut.  This little girl would look super in a Victorian Dolls House - or displays well as a little toy for an antique doll to hold.  The walnut measures about 1.5 inches long and about 2 inches high when the walnut is opened to show the doll in her little bed.     If you wish to add this to your collection - then do Contact me using the "Contact us" buttons which are located to the left on this page and also at the bottom.


This lovely little Victorian Doll in her Walnut Bed, is priced at 195