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These are super.  I am clearing my own little collection  of Baby Brooches - so be quick and grab a Bargain.  There are 5 in all.  All available individually of course.  Here we go.

Baby Brooch one - Small with a frilly edge.  1.25 inches across.  It is gold plate.  Good fastening to the rear.

Baby Brooch two - Deeper and very attractive.  Good fastening to the rear.  Also about 1.25 inches across and about half an inch deep.

Baby Brooch Three in Silver, with Blue Emamel.  Hallmarked for 1892. A bit under 1.5 inches across. A good fastening to the rear.  Rather lovely.  The first "B" is missing a little of it`s blue enamelling.

Baby Brooch Four in Silver with a super Pale Blue and Dark Blue enamelled front. This is marked Silver and RB to the rear.  Good fastening.  A bit over 1 inch across.

Finally Baby Brooch Five in Silver and Blue Enamel, with the "Baby" in a very ornate Script. Good Fastening to the Rear.  This is the longest, between 1.5 and 1.75 inches across.





All rather lovely - and as they say "when they are gone they are gone" - so don`t delay and choose your favourites now.  All as you can see at very cheap prices. 

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Baby Brooch One,  12 

Baby Brooch Two 10, 

Baby Brooch 3 20, 

Baby Brooch 4 25 and

Baby Brooch 5 22


All are lovely.